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April 25th/26th

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Period 2/ Armenian Genocide Assembly on April 25th

1. Spitball

2. A Day In The Life Project Planner

32 of you have not turned in this assignment. You have the first 15 minutes of class to complete this before it is locked! When you finish your spitball entry, please complete this planner immediately after.

2. Cropping Practice

Download the image in Schoology titled "Cropping Practice." These instructions are also in Schoology, and there's a video if you need further explanation.

You will crop this one image multiple times in Pixlr doing the following steps:

  • Download the image from Schoology. Open the image "mrspollardscar" in Pixlr.

  • Choose the crop feature

  • Choose ratio in the toolbar

  • Crop the image MULTIPLE times with the following crop sizes. The first number is the width, the second number is the height. SAVE EACH CROP AND PUT THE CROP DIMENSIONS IN YOUR FILE NAME. (For example- 4x6.jpg):









5x5 (Instagram)

3x1 (panorama)

  • Submit all ten crops to Schoology under the assignment "Crop Practice." How you crop it and what elements of the car you choose to show is up to you!

3. Panoramic Cell Phone Trick

Because your next project is shot solely on your cell phone (see A Day In The Life Project in Schoology), we'll occasionally be learning some tips and tricks for cell phone photography. Watch this video then pull out your phone. We'll head outside where you'll partner up and attempt your own multiplicity/panorama shot. Come back and put it on Padlet.


• This takes a little practice to get it right, but once you have it down it moves quick

• Set camera to panorama mode, put model in left side of frame and move until they are out of the frame then stop moving

• Once they are out of the frame have them run behind the camera and set up in the next spot

• When they are in place start moving the panorama again...tada!

• Once you have the 2 person panorama cloning down, try for a third clone in one frame!

4. Teacher Appreciation Week

5. "Are We Journalists First?" Extra Credit

Open up this assignement in Kami. Refer to the Spitball from "Orphans of Addicts," as well as the "Are We Journalists First?" article.

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