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Aug. 16th & 17th, 2022- Rule of Thirds

Updated: Aug 25, 2022


  1. SEL Check-in.

Which photograph do you identify with today?

2. Spitball- Get out your composition book or spiral notebook. Please place your name and period on the front cover. Answer the prompts. Grammar and spelling are not important. Remember, the song playing and the image shown are from the same era. (5 points)

3. Review Syllabus

Beginning Digital Photography Syllabus
Download PDF • 76KB

The signed portion of the syllabus is due by the next class. Cameras will not be distributed to those without a signed contract.

4. Padlet Post or scan the QR code to access Padlet

You'll need to click on the top right corner where your profile picture should be and make a free account. Then you'll post a photo from your phone that means something to you. Then caption the photo with why you chose it.

5. Rule of Thirds Lesson & Practice

6. Using your cell phone, take a picture of your toy model while applying the rule of thirds to your composition. This image does not have to be anything spectacular. However, it does need to apply the rule of thirds. The point of interest (your toy) should be aligned with the imaginary grid lines and intersections of your composition. After you've take your image, upload it to Padlet under your class period.

(For more cool toy photography, visit

By: Mrs. Pollard

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