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Thursday, Nov. 3rd Periods 1, 3, & 5

1. You have an assignment in Schoology entitled “Double Exposure Practice.” Use the instructions in Schoology (or from the handout) to help you if you've forgotten the steps. Download the photograph of the woman in Schoology, then find an image on UnSplash to use to create the double exposure effect.

2.There are two EdPuzzles in Schoology: Photographing Textures & Photographing Patterns. You need to complete both of these assignments as you have a pattern and texture project Due Nov. 11th.

3.On Schoology there is another assignment entitled “Texture and Patterns Collage.” Follow those instructions and submit by the end of class.

4. Lastly, please join the group on Schoology entitled "Yearbook Contributions." The yearbook is in need of photographs and they would like us to contribute. Go to MY Groups on Schoology, and use the access code 2D8K-T284-MGFD2 to join the group. There are folders there that you will need to add your images to for the yearbook.

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