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Sept. 8th- Principles of Design/Movement

1. Editing Challenge

You have a few new tools in your tool belt! You've learned the kaleidoscope tool, and how to create a pattern. What other tools can you use to create a realistic digital image?

Post to Schoology AND Padlet.

2. Principles of Design #3/Movement

Movement refers to the way the eye travels over a design. The most important element should lead to the next most important and so on. This is done through positioning (the eye naturally falls on certain areas of a design first).

We'll be downloading this image of a man running and altering it to emphasize movement, and draw the viewer's eye to the subject through layering.

3. Silhouettes/Shadows

Today we're going to start experimenting with shooting shadows and silhouettes. We will head outside with our cameras, and in groups or with partners, you will create interesting shadows together to photograph.

Create THREE different interesting shadows to photograph. You'll be turning in those three images! I'll show you how best to edit them in Pixlr.

Important: Your light source (the sun) needs to be BEHIND your subject, which will then create a shadow in front of it.

In order to create a shadow, you need three things: light, something blocking the light, and a surface for the shadow to fall on. A shadow is an area where light is being blocked. You see your shadow outside because light from the sun is being blocked by your body. Light travels in straight lines, so it cannot bend around your body to light up the blocked parts of the surface.

4. Baby/Child Photo

Please look for a photo of your childhood self this weekend! We will be using it in an upcoming project.

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