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Sept. 7th & 8th- Genres of Photography & Creative Auto Mode

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Welcome back! I hope you had a restful four day weekend. Here's the agenda for today after we discuss the seating chart and the new bathroom policy. Remember, you have been assigned a framing project. Please be sure to work on it and submit on your due date. Anything late will only be awarded half credit.

1. Lennie

2. Spitball

3. Dutch Angle Review-

4.The Modes On Your Canon Rebel & Aperture- Creative Auto

This is a basic mode with no control over the exposure settings: Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO. It does, however, it does give you some superficial controls over the ambience of the image by allowing you to fiddle with the colour intensity with settings such as:

  • Vivid

  • Soft

  • Warm

  • Intense

  • Cool

  • Brighter

  • Darker

  • Monochrome

It also allows you to change the degree of background blur by adjusting the Aperture.

4. Pixlr & Blog Post (This assignment is postponed until all students have reset their logins)

We will be opening up your portraits in Pixlr and designing a watermark. Once you've placed your watermark on the image, you will upload TWO IMAGES TO YOUR BLOG. One image will be a selective color and the other is your dutch angle shot. Both will have your watermark on it. The post entitled "My Watermark." Be sure to write at least three sentences on your blog post about your creative process for creating your images.

5. Framing Project Jamboard- (This assignment has been postponed until all Pumas have reset their logins)

Click on the Jamboard link for your period and brainstorm ideas for your next project A few search terms could be: frame within a frame photography, architectural frame photography, photography framing etc. Post three pictures labeled with a post it.

Period 2:

Period 3:

Period 5:

Period 6:

6. Genres of Photography Worksheet & Game

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