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Sept. 5th- Unit 1- Principles of Design

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

1. Create a Principles of Design Poster

This semester we'll be diving into graphic design and some really fun projects! But before we can do that, we need to learn the basic principles of graphic design. You may notice that they're very similar to the rules of photographic composition that we learned last year. They are:










Below is a poster that describes each principle.

Today we'll begin creating our own poster by first creating an image of pattern/repetition. We will create an image for each principle for the next 9 class periods until we've created our very own poster design.


To create an example of pattern and repetition, we'll be creating an image using Kaleidoscope in Pixlr.

  1. Create New

  2. Photo<10x8

  3. Choose the gradient tool<choose a color from the tool bar above (Remember: To apply the tool you'll have to click on the canvas then drag the line to another point.)

  4. Add a design. You can do this a number of ways: Choose an element from file<browse elements, OR add a shape with the shape tool, OR draw an image, OR add a photograph of your own or a vector from a website like pngaaa, png egg, png tree.

  5. You will want to duplicate the design at least four times.

  6. Flatten your image

  7. Go to Filter<Creative<Kaleidescope

This should create a great example of pattern and repetition!

SAVE your work in HIGH quality and name it principleofdesignrepetitionlastname.jpg (but use your last name). Submit to Schoology. Be sure to save this work as we'll be using it to compile all of the principles into a poster you create!

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