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Sept. 19th- Principles of Design/Contrast

Take the first ten minutes of class to finish up your "Paint the Sky" edit if you have not already done so.

1. Principle of Design Edit- Contrast

Contrast is a fundamental principle of design that refers to the juxtaposition of different elements in a composition to create visual interest and emphasis. In advertising, contrast is used to attract attention, convey a message, and create a memorable impression on the viewer. One way contrast is used in advertising is through color. By using contrasting colors, designers can create a striking visual effect that draws the viewer's eye and makes the advertisement stand out. For example, a black-and-white advertisement with just a pop of bright red can be very effective in catching the viewer's attention.

Contrast can also be used in typography by varying the size, weight, and style of the text. This can help to emphasize certain words or phrases and make the message more impactful. For example, using a bold font for the headline and a lighter font for the body text can create a clear hierarchy of information and make the advertisement easier to read. Overall, contrast is a powerful tool in advertising design that can help to create a strong visual impact and convey a clear message to the viewer.

Follow the tutorial in class to create this example of contrast in Pixlr, and submit it to Schoology.

2. Childhood Photo Project

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