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Sept. 18th-

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

1. Spitball- Marilyn

2. Building Your Website

Today we'll be building a Myalbum to host your photography. Follow the instructions in class or below.

  • Add your information or sign in through Google. Do NOT use an LAUSD email (because it will disappear after you graduate, and I'd like you to have this site after graduation.)

  • Add a new album and name it CSUN.

  • Click on Edit and add your photos from the garden and the duck pond. You can also adjust the look of your album.

3. Video Mode

Put your camera in video mode. You will interview FIVE people with ONE of the questions below. Make sure your subject is sharp and in focus!

Ask all of your subjects ONE of the following questions while recording their answer.

  • Why should other students take photography at NAHS?

  • What is your favorite memory from being a student at NAHS?

  • What is your favorite holiday and why?

  • Tell me about your pet.

  • Who is your best friend? Tell me about them.

We'll return to class and upload your recordings and play in Canva video editor. Sign in with your LAUSD email.

We will create a video in Canva when I see you on Tuesday.

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