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Sept. 15th & 16th- Intro to Macro Mode

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

  1. Spitball

  1. What are the points of interest?

  2. What feelings does this evoke?

  3. What do you notice about the colors?

  4. Where could you infer this was captured?

  5. Is it candid?

2. Shooting in Macro Mode

On the mode dial you’ll see a little flower icon, this is the macro mode setting. It allows you to take photographs of smaller objects while creating a shallow depth of field. We'll spend a great deal of time talking about depth of field this semester, but for now, know that it refers to the blur you see behind your subject.

3. Watermark Lesson

  • Open one of your macro images

  • Click the add button

  • Choose Empty (You'll notice in your layers panel the words "Layer 2" highlighted in blue above your background.

  • Choose the fill tool (the paint bucket symbol). Make sure white is selected.

  • Click on the background to apply (your image will turn white)

  • Click on the three vertical dots in your layers panel, or your settings button, and lower the opacity of the white layer to 11%

  • Click the add button again and choose text

  • Click Edit from the top tool bar and change the font to one you prefer, as well as the style

  • Next, go to text layer settings, and under Blend Mode, choose overlay and lower the opacity to 30%

  • Flatten and Save

Create three different watermarks on your three marco images and turn them into Schoology.

4. Check Your Knowledge Vocabulary Review

Locate this assignment in Schoology. It is a review of the vocabulary we've covered extensively, so far. It is due today. You can do it as many times as necessary to get a perfect score.

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