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Sept. 12th- Day to Night Edit

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

1. Day to Night Editing Tutorial

Follow along and complete the Day To Night Editing Tutorial.

  • Open up your image in Pixlr

  • Adjustments<lower the brightness

  • Adjustments<lower the shadows

  • Use the cut-out mask tool<magic mask and remove most of the sky

  • Switch tools to the draw mask tool<remove from mask and clean up any remnants of sky

  • Add image<image of moon and sky

  • Move that layer behind the building

  • Add image<image of windows

  • Choose cut out mask tool<shape rectangle<add to mask and cut out one of the windows

  • Place that glowing window on top of one window

  • Blend Mode<Screen

  • Use cut out mask<draw mask<remove from mask to take off any remnants of light from around the window frame

  • Flatten Image

  • Adjustments<temperature. Adjust to a bluer hue.

  • Filter<Effect Library

Save and submit. Complete the same steps on a photo of your choice from Pixlr.

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