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Sep. 1st & Sept. 6th- Frame Within A Frame Project

Happy September, photographers! Here's what we have on the agenda. Unfortunately, we'll be inside the next few days to avoid the extreme heat.

1. Spitball

2. Pixlr Practice

We'll review selective color briefly. Please open and save the images in your Schoology assignment entitled "Review of Selective Color." Edit and submit three to Schoology.

Next, we'll work on the assignment entitled "Art in a Cup," to further familiarize ourselves with the tools in Pixlr.

3. Blog

Open up your blog and post your Flat Lay!

If you did not do a flat lay, choose a photo you took when we reviewed perspectives (bird's eye view, becoming the subject, worm's eye view, or eye level).

Your blog post should be AT LEAST five sentences. You should incorporate the following comments into your blog post.

  • How did you go about composing your image?

  • Why did you choose the objects you settled on?

  • What challenges did you face when trying to complete this assignment?

  • If you did it again, what would you do differently?

4. Your Next Photography Project

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