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October 31st/Nov. 1st

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

1. Spitball

2. Double Exposure Lesson

Head over to Schoology and download the elements we'll be using to create a double exposure with. After the tutorial, please submit your work to Double Exposure Tutorial With Mrs. P in Schoology.

3. Outdoor Shooting

Using a friend in class, take three photos of their profile. Shoot it in focus (I'd suggest landscape mode to ensure everything is sharp), and shoot against a SOLID background like a wall or our backdrop. Then edit your double exposure in Pixlr and submit to Schoology under "Double Exposure Edit."


Head to myalbum. Add your double exposure images to your composite folder. Also, if you didn't already, add your pumpkin man GIF to the composite folder as well.

5. Patterns & Texture Project Due Nov. 11th

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Today we'll be playing a Blooket Review game. Please make sure your patterns assignment from Thursday is also turned it to Schoology. Your final this week will require that you remember the following:

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