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October 25th & 26th- Periods 2 & 6

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

1. Cell Phone & Ear Bud Policy

Per our NAHS cell phone/electronic policy, I will be taking cell phones and ear buds if I see them out. There will not be a warning as I've normally done. You are allowed to listen to music during editing, but phones must be away after your music is turned on. Cell phones/ear buds will be returned at the end of the day if confiscated.

2. Spitball

2. Harry Potter Composite

See Schoology for the elements you will need to download for the Harry Potter composite.

3. WeVideo For NAHS

As we continue to learn about the movie mode on our DSLR camera, you will be making a short 1 minute film in WeVideo. Conduct three interviews with classmates or those you find around campus, and ask them what they like about NAHS. You can ask them for a shout out to a specific teacher, or to share about a class they enjoy and friends that they have here. We'll put them in WeVideo when we return to class.

4. NAHS Pamphlet

We've been asked to contribute to a new pamphlet for NAHS! Here is the old pamphlet. We'll be working on taking candids as well as making videos to include in the new and improved pamphlet.

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