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Oct. 4th- Principle of Design Review/Product Photography

1. Blooket Review Of Principles of Design

We've gone over the following principles of design:

CONTRAST- A difference in size, color, and shape to create variety and emphasis within the composition

BALANCE- When a composition is visually equal using color, shape, and space

PATTERNS- Pattern is the repetition of specific visual elements such as a single unit or multitude of forms

MOVEMENT- Movement is the principle of design used to give artists the ability to lead a viewer's eyes around an art piece

EMPHASIS- A way of combining elements to stress the differences between those elements.

UNITY- A way of combining similar elements in artwork to accent their similarities.

RHYTHM- . Rhythm is a principle of design that suggests movement or action. Rhythm is usually achieved through repetition of lines, shapes, colors, and more. It creates a visual tempo

There are two we have not done an edit for because they're easily recognizable and we've touched on them in photography.


HIERARCHY- Organization of elements and shapes to show importance.

Let's head to Blooket and test our knowledge of these principles.

2. Product Photography for High Tide Designs

Today we'll start creating social media ads for High Tide Designs. We will start with small items and shoot with light boxes to begin with.

Our product is from a small business owner who designs tshirts, tanks, hoodies, hats, and bags that are mainly surf wear.

You can take out your phone and check out her Instagram @H1ghtide.

She doesn't have much to show for her IG so she's wiping it clean and starting again with the images we produce.



The owner would like images that resemble Instagram profiles like @surflocos, @surftripshop, and @getbacknecklaces.

Check these IGs out, as well as any #surfbrands you may find like Val Surf.

Keep with the beach theme!



To resize your images for Instagram, use a 1:1 square shape, a 4:5 ratio for vertical posts, and a 1.91:1 ratio for horizontal posts.

So remember to pull back when shooting and crop in later.


Bird's eye view for smaller items.

Color Scheme: If you add any design in your post, draw from the colors of the clothing.


Individual items

Items paired

No more than 3 items at a time

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