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Oct. 2nd- Negative Space

Unfortunately, I will not be on campus today. Please complete the following three assignments in my absence.

1. Spitball

2. Your FORM Assignment

If you did not submit your form assignment from your CSUN walk, please do that today!

3. Negative Space

In preparation for your next project on Negative Space, please do the following:

  • Google search "negative space photography" OR go to and use "negative space" as your search terms

  • Find and download THREE images that demonstrate negative space. You'll notice that they are photographs with a large amount of blank canvas that draws your eye to a subject.

  • Choose a quote or song lyric for each photo that you believe compliments it. See example below:

  • Open up your photos in PIxlr and add the quote you chose to each of your photos.

  • Submit all three photos with a quote on each one to Schoology to the assignment "Negative Space Practice."

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