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Oct. 13th- Ghostly Portrait Stations

1. Generative Fill Edits

Take the first 30 minutes of class to edit and submit three photos of campus using generative fill to spruce them up into a magical, renovated, and green NAHS!


Today you'll be working with tripods!

  • Grab a group of three or four.

  • Grab one camera and a tripod for your group.

You will be creating GHOTS portraits!

Students will practice basic portrait photography and use a slow

shutter speed to create ghostly portraits.

Students must use a slow shutter speed, and motion blur in Photoshop to create a spooky scene.

Station 1- Ghosts in the Halls

Take the table cloths. Cut out eyes. Bring the step stool to the hall. Take an establishing shot without the ghost, and one with the ghost so you can layer and mask the feet in Photoshop (or Pixlr if you're more comfortable). Add sunglasses or eye glasses.

2. The Shining Twins

Recreate the famous twin shot from The Shining.

Do you remember your multiplicity skills? Take an establishing shot. (A shot without anyone in it.)

Follow the steps below:

Part 1: The photos

  • You will need two people for this holding hands

  • Stand at the end of the hall.

Swap spots and take another photo:

Mask and clean up in Pixlr or Photoshop.

3. Ghostly Photos

Use a backdrop in our room.

Have someone sit on the stool.

Have another person hold the black light.

Have another person hold the mask up to their face and stand behind your stationary subject.

Experiment with shutterspeed to create a blurred, ghostly photograph.

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