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Oct. 11th- Negative Space

1. NO SPITBALL/Composite Assignment In Schoology

  • Go to Schoology.

  • Look for "Fall Composite"

  • Download at least three of the images AND the background located in that assignment.

  • Open them up in Pixlr to complete the composite either with Mrs. Pollard or at your own pace.

  • Due today

2. My Album Post

Head over to your myalbum website, and create an album entitled "Composites." Please add your silly composite photo and your haunted composite to your album.

3. Negative Space Lesson & Project

4. Outdoor Shooting/Capturing Negative Space

5. Negative Space Practice

Using one of your images from today, open it up in Pixlr and add a quote within the negative space. Submit it to Schoology under the assignment "Negative Space Practice."


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