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Oct. 11th- Genres of Photography & Dutch Angle

1. Genres of Photography

Instead of a spitball today, we'll be watching a brief video on the 33 genres of photography

Open up Schoology and find the Genre of Photography Google Form. You will complete it as the video plays, so play close attention!

2. Game Time!

What do you remember???

3. Dutch Angle


When the camera is tilted to one side so that the horizon is on an angle rather than straight across as you would normally see it.

Director's Intention

A director uses a Dutch tilt to create interesting angles and to make things seem weird. The director will use this angle in horror or action films to show that something strange is happening.

Impact on Audience

When the audience sees the canted angle they know that something strange is happening as this angle is not normal.

Your goal today!:

  • Partner up!

  • Each person will both shoot and model

  • Take images of your partner running away from the camera and looking back, SCARED! Like a scene in a horror movie where dutch angle is often applied.

OR If you'd like to imitate another type of scenario, ie, crouching and looking up at the camera afraid, you can do that as well. However, the photographer MUST apply dutch angle.


OR, find a corner and look terrified!

  • The photographer will take multiple shots applying dutch angle!!

  • Come back to class and we will edit these to add some creepiness to your shot.

  • Submit to Dutch Angle Photographs in Schoology

Blair Witch Project and a great example of dutch angle in film making.

The Birds, 1963

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