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Nov. 8th- Image Within A Word

1. Gratitude Calendar

Head over to Canva to add images into your gratitude calendar.

If you were not here last class click on this link, make a copy, and add pictures of things you're grateful for up until today's date.

2. Framing Photo Search

Do a quick Google Search using the search term "composition subject framing photography," or some variation of that. Find an example of framing and post it to the padlet.

3. Image Within A Word

4. Create YOUR OWN Image Within A Word

  • Choose a word. It can be anything! For example, your name, an emotion, a place, a sport....ANYTHING!

  • Follow the same steps we did with the tutorial above. However, use photos that YOU find that compliment your word. For example, if you choose the word BASKETBALL, find images of players and equipment to place within the letters of the word, as well as a nice image to place behind your word.

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