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Nov. 7th & 8th- Tripods & Self Timer

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

1. Texture and Patterns Collage in Schoology

Because most of you did not complete and/or submit this assignment, you will be completing this assignment during the first 20 minutes of class.

Google search "Texture in Photography" and "Patterns in Photography." Choose 5 of each type of picture and put it in a 10 frame collage in Schoology.

2. Colors & Their Meanings

Which of these colors represents you the best? If you don't know, take this quiz! We'll be editing a photo of yourself to represent that color with a photograph you take using the tripod and self timer.

3. Self-timers and Tripods

We will learn how to set the self timer and secure your camera to a tripod today.

Press that button and toggle over to self timer. The first option for self timer is the middle choice and takes two consecutive images. The last option will allow you to set the camera to take up to 10 images.

Rules For Tripod use:

  1. Groups of three

  2. Leave your camera horizontal, or landscape

  3. One member of your group is standing by the tripod at all times to prevent damage

  4. Do NOT horseplay around the tripod

  5. Tripod is on the floor NEVER on a table

  6. Use the self timer

  7. Take one picture of each group member and leave negative space to type your quote into

4. Self- Timer Portrait Assignment

Set up the tripod.

Place yourself in front of a solid background.

Take a few pictures using the self timer and leave some negative space next to your portrait.

Choose one of your photos. Upload it to Pixlr.

Go to Hue and Saturation

Click on Colorize

Give your photograph the tint of color that you think represents you the best

Add at least two sentences of text to explain why you chose the color you chose. Be sure to use a color and style of font that is easy to read.


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