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Nov. 2nd- Periods 2 & 6

1. Double Exposure Warm-Up

Open up the assignment entitled "Double Exposure Practice," and download the profile picture. Head to Unsplash and choose a background to edit into it. Submit instead of Spitball

2. Day of the Dead Displays

We will head over to the MPR and take photos of the Day of the Dead displays. Please be sure to use multiple modes. Your flash will most likely ignite if you don't use the "no flash" mode. When we return, you can do ONE of the following with those pictures:

  • Make a collage with at least 8 pictures

  • Make a one minute video in WeVideo of the displays. Must have music and transitions.

  • Choose two pictures to perform selective color on. (The steps for Selective Color are:

Open your image

Duplicate your image

Make the duplicate image monochromatic by going to Adjustments<Monochromatic

Use the eraser to take off the top layer and expose the original color.

Head over to and create a new folder entitled Day of the Dead where you'll store all of the pictures you shot, as well as your collage/video/selective color creation.

4. Yearbook Contributions

Please join the Schoology Group, Yearbook Contributions. The code is 2D8K-T284-MGFD2

Add your photos from the day of the dead exhibit in the gallery.

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