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Nov. 28th & 29th- Multiplicity

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

1. Spitball

2. Multiplicity Practice Edit

Look for the assignment titled "Multiplicity Practice Edit" in Schoology Week 15. Download the photos there and edit them along with Mrs. P.

3. Multiplicity Project Independent Work

Use this time to take photos on campus for your multiplicity project. Work in groups of 4/5, sharing the tripod. Remember:

  • Your tripod does NOT move.

  • Take at least 4 photos of yourself, INTERACTING with yourself.

  • Tell a story with your photo!

4. Vocabulary (If time allows.)

Part of your final before Winter Break will be a vocabulary test. Complete the assignment in Schoology under week 15 titled, Beg. Photo Vocabulary by logging on to our vocabulary review in Knoword. Take a screenshot of your results and post it to that assignment. Take the quiz as many times as necessary to get 100%. You can also use the link here.

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