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Nov. 28th- Framing Project Due

1. Framing Project Reflection

Complete the reflection worksheet in Schoology to reflect on your framing project. If you do not turn in a project, you will not get points for this assignment.

2. Texture Lesson

When I see you on Thursday, we'll begin shooting texture!

Texture can be used to bring about all sorts of emotions from the viewer.

  • Calm = soft and gentle

  • Courage and power = solid

  • Tranquil = fluid

  • Angry = spiky and rough

  • Time passed by = weathered and worn

Tomorrow, you will create a 9 photo grid with a variety of textures.

Textures can fall into one of two categories- rough and smooth. For example:

  • Rough: course, bumpy, dry, flat, scaly, glossy, sandy, hairy, hard, prickly, sharp, sticky

  • Smooth: fine, slick, wet, wrinkled, silky, matte, slimy, bald, soft, velvety, dull, slippery

All photos on your grid should be shot with a tight composition, filling the frame with no negative space. I would suggest shooting in macro mode. Your photos MUST be edited to enhance the texture and I will show you how to do that when we return to class after we shoot. Play with the tools: tune image, details, crop, and especially HDR scape.

In the meantime, go to PADLET. Google search a picture for each category of texture.

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