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Nov. 1st- Dia De Los Muertos

1. Pumpkin Grenade Edits

Please take the first 15 minutes of class to edit your pumpkin grenade photos in Photoshop. (Don't use Pixlr. Be brave!) Submit them to the "Pumpkin Grenade" media album in Schoology.

Photo Cred: Diego Dominguez

2. Dia De Los Muertos Photoshoot

Station 1:

Butterfly Lighting

Take multiple images using this lighting set up, and switching between the gold, white, and silver lining.

Station 2: Split Lighting

Station 3:

Use the external flash on your camera and experiment with different settings.

Station 4:

Rembrandt Lighting

Use the flowers as a prop. Use the blue background so that you can easily select it in editing and remove the background. Use generative fill to add your own background.

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