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Nov. 17th/Per. 2 & 6

1. Myalbum Update

Instead of a spitball today, I'd like you to open up your Myalbum. Please make sure you have the following folders:

Composites- Put ALL of your Pixlr edits in here

CSUN Botanical Garden

CSUN Duck Pond

Photography Composition Projects- Include your Flat Lay, Negative Space, Framing Photos, and Patterns & Texture Photos HERE

2. Image Within A Word

We will continue with the Image Within A Word Edit, for those classes that did not finish.

For the classes that did, we will be working on a gratitude collage. You will need 6 photos of things that you are grateful for. Upload those photos from your phone to your Google Drive so you can access them on your Chromebook.

3. Multiplicity Practice

  • Divide into groups

  • Each person should take TWO pictures of themselves in two different poses without moving the camera.

  • We'll come back to class and practice editing those pictures together.

  • Please stay in the halls or stairways because it is too windy outside.

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