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Nov. 16th/Periods 1, 3, & 5

1. Myalbum Update

Instead of a spitball today, I'd like you to open up your Myalbum. Please make sure you have the following folders:

Composites- Put ALL of your Pixlr edits in here

CSUN Botanical Garden

CSUN Duck Pond

Photography Composition Projects- Include your Flat Lay, Negative Space, Framing Photos, and Patterns & Texture Photos HERE

2. Image Within a Word

We will continue with the Image Within A Word Edit, for those classes that did not finish.

For the classes that did, we will be working on a gratitude collage. You will need 6 photos of things that you are grateful for. Upload those photos from your phone to your Google Drive so you can access them on your Chromebook.

3. Chalk it Up

We have been asked to join the Chalk It Up activity on campus this week. We will divide into groups and write positive messages outside our campus. Then we will take a bird's eye view picture of those drawings and edit them into a collage in Pixlr.

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