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Nov. 16th- Designing a Digital Collage

1. Spitball

2. Pavlov's Dog Experiment

Peer Reviewed Source:

Are you any different than a dog being conditioned to salivate at dinner time? Not by much!

Every time you hear the word "Roxanne," take a small bit of the sour sugar.

3. Photoshop Collage




300 ppi

Have your layer/history/adjustment/styles panel open

Gradient Background

Your signature with the free form pen/stroke/color

Download images for for each of the following prompts. You should have 20 images with NO negative space! You should have at least 20 layers in your layer panel.

  1. Your name

  2. Your favorite tv show

  3. Your favorite singer/band

  4. Your dream place/country to visit

  5. A picture from your phone of friends and family

  6. Your favorite food

  7. Your favorite holiday

  8. An image that represents your favorite subject in school

  9. A logo of a brand you enjoy (makeup/clothes/etc.)

  10. A celebrity you enjoy

  11. A quote or saying that you live by. (IE, "If you're not first, you're last!"

  12. Your favorite movie

  13. A song lyric

  14. Your favorite book

  15. Favorite animal

  16. Hobby

  17. Someone you look up to

  18. A picture of nature that you enjoy

  19. A picture that represents a future goal (college, trade school, travel, career)

  20. A picture of your pet

Anything else you'd like!! Grab your images from pngaaa, vecteezy, or pngtree. Change the blend mode or adjust the color of your layers and move them around. They should overlap one another.

Submit to Schoology under Digital Photo Collage.

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