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Nov. 15th- Floating Food

Today we'll be shooting food photography at various stations. We will be editing these on Friday.

  • Work in groups of 4, each with your own camera!

  • Set up the lighting however you see fit. Assemble the food and shoot.

  • Use the same technique you've used in the past with projects like Multiplicity. You'll need to take several shots that you can stitch together to create a FLOATING FOOD effect.

  • Then disassemble the food and leave the station as you found it.

1. Rockstar Reflection Station

Use the lighting to take a clean product shot of the rockstar can. We will be using it to create the reflection edit below on Friday.

2. Floating Pancakes

Assemble the pancakes and berries using the toothpicks.

2. Floating Tea Cup

Use the tea cups and teapot to create a similar floating illusion to the picture below. Remember to take establishing shots and multiple images that you can layer and adjust, just like the multiplicity project we did last year.

4. Floating Lemon

Use the kabob sticks and toothpicks to stack the lemon pieces. Take multiple images so that we can layer and create the floating illusion when we edit.

5. Christmas Coco

Use the Christmas props to create a holiday ambiance. Use the toothpicks to create the illusion of falling marshmallows. We will edit them out and add steam from the cup in editing. Make sure to create bokeh with the lights.

7. Floating Chop Sticks

Group Rotations:

Group 1: Begin at station 1

Group 2: Begin at station 2

Group 3: Begin at station3

Group 4: Begin Station 4

Group 5: Begin at station 5

Group 6: Begin at station 6

Group 7: Begin at station 7

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