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May 30th/31st

Updated: May 31, 2023

  1. Jamboard

2. Abstract Photography

3. Final

Head to Schoology and find the part of your final. Then open up your myalbum and organize the three folders required for your final. Make sure they are set to public. Copy the link to those albums. In the assignment, hit create, and past those three links there to submit. Make sure you have AT LEAST five photos in each folder.

4. Beginning Your Album Creation Final

In Pixlr E

Go to Create New


W 3000

H 3000

If you do not already have a photograph to use for your project, you can use this time to take a photograph using our class lighting and backgrounds.

Remember, there are specific requirements for this project! Pay particular attention to item #4.

It is due June 5th!

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