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May 24th- Letter To Yourself

  1. Letter to Yourself Today you will spend the class period writing a letter to your future self- 10 years in the future. I will print these out and place them in an envelope that you'll address to yourself and the address you live at now. (If that address changes, don't worry- I'll find you Mwahahahaha....) To do this you will need to:Find a letter template in CANVA.

  2. Things to Include - Where you hope you'll live in 10 years. - What you hope you will have accomplished in 10 years -Who you hope you'll keep in contact with - What you hope to remember about your high school experience -A piece of advice to your future self -5 pictures from your life today on the letter that you upload to CANVA. They can be of work you've done in this class or pictures from your phone.

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