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May 23rd/24th

Updated: May 24, 2023

1. Photography Contest Submissions

Please go to this link. I would like ALL of you to submit AT LEAST one photo into this contest. You can submit up to 10 per category. To upload multiple images, place your entries in a folder in your chromebook where you can highlight and select all of the files to submit simultaneously to the submit form. The categories are: spring sports, student life, and creative. The prize is a $2000 Sony camera kit.

You MUST change the file name of your photos to satisfy the contest requirements:

Image files should be named like LastName_FirstName_Category_ImageNumberOrTitle, as this is how the images will identified and sorted by the contest organizers and judges. File names which do not at least include the entrant's name will not be considered.

The first half of your final is the submission of your

You will add three links from your Add the link AND the title of the album/folder your link leads to. You must make sure your myalbum folders and albums are public so that I can open the links. Include the links to the following three albums: projects, composites (edits), and a folder of your choice. Each folder must have at least 5 images included in it. Each folder/album that you submit is worth 10 points.

Please take a few minutes to make sure you have your MyAlbum organized and ready to submit.

4. Independent Album Creation Practice

Half of your final is the Album Creation Project. To help you get used to putting together an album cover and back, please complete the assignment in Schoology titled "Independent Album Creation Practice." Follow the directions and download the elements in Schoology to create the album cover and back shown below.

  1. Choose your favorite artist

  2. Go to Pixlr<Create New< Photo< W 3000< H 3000

  3. Create a front AND back cover for this artitst using photos, vectors, and pngs from the internet (especially, unsplash, and vecteezy, as well as Browse Elements in Pixlr).

  4. The back must have six songs listed and a bar code

  5. The front must have the album title AND artist name

See these student examples from period 6

Here's a reminder of your final requirements:

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