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MAY 22nd

1. Spitball

2. Senior Submissions!

Seniors! Head over to Schoology and find the album titled "Senior Submissions." Please upload ONE of your favorite images you either took or edited in this class

3. Camera Angle Grid

How can you take a really great photo of one subject? Photograph it a ton! There are two different schools of thought with photography: either we plan out every single shot and take very few photos, or on the contrary, we photograph until we get the best image.

For this project you are going to photograph one subject of your choice with several different camera angles to give yourself a final grid of imagery—and maybe you'll find you like one best image but the idea is to create a whole grid. This is a practice in angles, composition, and layout.

Remember to use a variety of angles!

Dutch Angle

Eye Level

Bird's Eye View

Worm's Eye View

And move around your subject to create as varying images as possible.

Choose a template in Pixlr with AT LEAST 10 frames. Submit your collage to Schoology in the Camera Angle Grid assignment.

4. Photography Contest Submissions

Please go to this link. I would like ALL of you to submit AT LEAST one photo into this contest. You can submit up to 10. The categories are: spring sports, student life, and creative. The prize is a $2000 Sony camera kit.

You MUST change the file name of your photos to satisfy the contest requirements:

Image files should be named like LastName_FirstName_Category_ImageNumberOrTitle, as this is how the images will identified and sorted by the contest organizers and judges. File names which do not at least include the entrant's name will not be considered.

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