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March 7th- Women's History Month Face Swap

Learning Objective: Applying the lasso as a selective tool.

1.Face Swap Tutorial

Last class, we learned how to use the layer mask to apply a face swap in Photoshop. Today, I'll show you another method. You can decide which technique you prefer when beginning our Women's History Month face swap project today.

2. Women's History Month Face Swap Project

1.Choose an important woman in history and an image of that woman.

A few websites to use for this search are:

I need to approve the woman you chose before you begin shooting!

  • Find A Female Model

You will need to take an image of a female classmate. Make sure the angle of your model's head matches that of the image you chose.

Shoot on AV mode.

  • Edit

Come back to class and edit the image using one of the techniques learned in class.

You'll find the "Women's History Month Project" in Schoology, open up the document in Kami, and add your image with the name at the top, and a short description of the woman you chose.

It will look something like this:

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