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March 3rd & 6th

Updated: Mar 7

1. Women in History

Choose a famous woman in history.

Do a Google Search for "Women in history jpg"

Download an image of the woman

Take an image of yourself or a class member.

Use the cut out mask tool to swap faces.

(see example)

Include a short description of the woman you chose next to your image.

2. Period 6- COLLAGE

  • Go to Create New

  • Choose Photo

  • 8x10 and Create

  • Choose a background or gradient color

  • A MINIMUM of 20 Layers. Add elements from,,, and wherever you can safely download images from the internet.

  • Cover the entire canvas with images of ALL of the following: image of your favorite movie(s), a song lyric, image of your favorite animation(s), image of your favorite food(s), a place you'd like to visit, a celebrity you enjoy, logo of your favorite band/brand of clothing/sports team(s), and a picture of something that represents a goal for your future.

  • You can include other images, but you should leave NO negative space. Use the cut out tool or to separate images from their background.

  • Blend and layer your images. Adjust your opacity, add filters, use the draw pen, liquify, and the disperse tool (which we haven't used, but give it a try). You can apply an outline sketch to your collage (like the Kobe tutorial), or a ripped page effect (like the spirit animal tutorial), or a polaroid effect (like the polaroid effect),...or any other skill you've learned in Pixlr this year.

3. Self Portrait Project Overview

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