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March 27th


You will have the first hour of the period to work on your self portrait project, if you have not already completed it or have no plans to complete it outside of school. A few things about shooting it here at NAHS:

  • I should not be able to tell you're at NAHS

  • Use the self timer. A self portrait should be taken by YOU, not a friend.

  • Use the props to add interest

  • EDIT your photo creatively

2. Manual Shooting Practice

With your camera on manual mode shoot three pictures of the exact same object or person.

Adjust your settings so that your subject is underexposed.

Then correctly exposed.

Then overexposed.

Adjust your shutterspeed, aperture, and ISO to achieve these exposures.

Submit it to Schoology under the assignment "Exposure Practice."

Place them in this collage and be sure to label them underexposed, correctly exposed, and overexposed.

3. Object Color Change

You will be submiting TWO photos for this assignment.

Submit the car photo that we completed together. Then find another photo on, and complete the same steps on your own.

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