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March 21st- Multiplicity

Updated: Mar 21


Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of capturing multiplicity in photography by taking and editing multiple images of a subject without moving the camera.


Students will be assessed based on their ability to take a series of photographs of a subject without moving the camera, capturing multiplicity effectively. They will then edit the images to enhance the multiplicity effect.

Key Points:

  • Understanding the concept of multiplicity in photography

  • Taking multiple images of a subject without moving the camera

  • Editing techniques to enhance multiplicity effect


  • We will begin the lesson by explaining the concept of multiplicity and its importance in photography

  • Engage students by asking, "Have you ever seen a photograph that captures multiple instances of the same person or object in one frame? How do you think it is done?"

Introduction to New Material:

  • Demonstrate the process of capturing multiplicity by taking multiple images of a subject without moving the camera

  • Address the misconception that moving the camera is necessary to capture multiplicity

Guided Practice:

  • Students will choose a partner (or group of three) to practice capturing multiplicity


  • Students will return to class and edit their images, applying the editing techniques learned yesterday.

Standards Addressed:

  • Visual Arts Standard 1: Understanding and applying media, techniques, and processes in photography

  • Visual Arts Standard 5: Reflecting upon and assessing the characteristics and merits of their work and the work of others

Submit to Schoology under "Multiplicity Group Practice"

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