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March 20th- Beginning Your Cereal Box Project

1.Panel Creation

Today you'll begin your cereal box project!

  • Start by creating your panels in photoshop with the correct dimensions.

  • Continue by choosing a color scheme and adding the base color design to your box. You do NOT have to do a solid color for the entire box. You can add blocks of color or gradient color. All of the panels should be the same color scheme, but how the colors are arranged can vary, and each panel may vary.

  • Name Your Cereal/Catch Phrase!

Include the name of your cereal boldly on your box. Use a font from dafont.

Double click on the text layer to add drop shadows, bevels, etc.

You can also do an image within the word!

Make your font, and especially the name of your cereal, interesting and attention grabbing.

Also, use the text tool to add the catch phrase for your cereal.

Catch Phrases to Review:

  • Your Mascot

Draw out a mascot on paper or the wacom tablet.

If you're a terrible artist, you can find one online at,,, or use AI generator. (Extra points if you create the mascot yourself.)

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