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March 18th- Shooting on Manual Mode Update Head to your and update it with your recent work. A few projects you may want to consider adding are: Object of Importance Portal to Another World Women's History Month Face Swap TV Mode Assessment (Light Painting)

2. Shooting on Manual Mode

We'll be heading to the G.A.R.D.E.N. to practice shooting on manual mode. Please remember the two rules for shooting at the garden:

Stay on the small paths

Do not pick the flowers. (Picking the poppies is actually illegal in CA.)

  • Take multiple images on manual mode

  • You can shoot on auto focus or manual focus

  • Adjust your F stop to let more light in or to create the depth of field you want

  • Adjust your shutterspeed to establish correct exposure

  • Adjust your ISO depending on the amount of light out in the garden

Submit SIX images to the assignment in Schoology. Each image is worth 2 pts.

Photo Cred, Period 1 students:

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