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June 1st/2nd

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Your final is due on MONDAY, June 5th by midnight.

Use your time today in class to double check that you have fulfilled all of the requirements for the two part final:

  • Do you have have a folder for projects, edits (composites), and one of your choice?

  • Does each album or folder have AT LEAST five photos in each album?

  • Are those albums set to public so Ms. Pollard can view them? (See image below.)

Find the assignment in Schoology. Go to submit assignment, create, and place those links in the assignment.

Album Creation Final

In Pixlr E, go to Create New, Photo, W 3000, H 3000.

  • Do you have a front AND back for your album? Are those two pictures complementary to each other? (5 pts)

  • Is there a picture that YOU took on the front and the back? (10 pts)

  • Is there an album title and artist name? (2.5 pts)

  • Did you apply at least ONE editing technique to your image? (Selective color, AI Auto Mask, ripped paper effect, polaroid picture effect, fractal mirror, gradient tool, shape tool, double exposure, drop shadow, multiplicity, levitation, clone stamp, dispersion, face swap, masthead, image within a word, pop art, dual lighting, object color change, etc.) (10 pts)

  • Are there 6 song titles on the back cover? (5 pts)

  • Is there a barcode on the back cover? (2.5 pts)

  • Did you include one Pixlr element? (file, browse elements, and choose one) (5 pts)

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