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January 8th- Welcome Back

Welcome back, Pumas! I'm excited to start another semester in Photo and I hope you are, too.

Today, we'll be easing back into the semester with a game and an edit.

  1. DRAW WHAT???

We'll be playing Draw What again, using pictures we did not previously use at the beginning of the semester. SO! Grab a partner and some paper. There is a prize for our first-place winning team.

2. Framing Refresher

We'll be headed outside to do an activity that will hopefully refresh your memory about framing and your settings on the camera.

  • Groups of 3

  • Take turns shooting and modeling

  • Shoot through the snow, framing your model. The model will throw the snow at the lens, while the other partner drops the snow in front of the lens.

  • Return to class. EVERYONE edits a photo from your group and submits to SNOW FRAMING

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