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Jan. 25th & 26th

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

1. Spitball

2. Outline Sketch Tutorial in Pixlr

Follow along and complete the outline sketch edit.

Please refer to the directions on your table, as well.

There is a tutorial video located in Schoology if you are absent today and still need to make up this assignment.

3. Rate It!

1- You hate this tutorial and want to throw something heavy at me because you just don't get it.

2- Woopeee! You get it! You love it!

3- Ehhh, you're scared things are going too fast. You're terrified you'll never get it!

4.- You got it, but, bleh. You weren't feeling it.

4. Outdoor Shooting

Take a photo of a friend, OR have a friend take a photo of you, and complete the tutorial again with your image.

  • You only need ONE image

  • You have 5 minutes

  • Shoot on Portrait Mode

  • Frame your subject in a medium shot. (See picture below.)

Add your edit to your composite folder in

5. Positive Potato

6. Student Gallery of Projects

Check out your leading lines projects on our blog under student gallery. Nice work!

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