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Jan. 23rd & 24th- Presentations & AV Mode

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

1. Presentations

Your projects should already be uploaded to Schoology, as well as your reflection worksheet and presentation worksheet. We'll be presenting these for the first part of class.

2. Shooting in AV Mode

3. Pinecone Shooting

  • Use your white backdrop with your table partner.

  • Put one pinecone in the foreground, the other in the background.

  • With the pinecone in focus shoot it at the following f stops:





4. DSLR Simulator

6. Outdoor shooting

  • Groups of 3

  • Shoot at increasing apertures starting from the lowest f stop to the highest. Your subjects do NOT move

  • Take turns so each group member has their own shots.

7. Blooket

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