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Feb. 5th- Rainy Day Buttons

  1. Black History Month Writing Assignment

Go to Schoology and find the "Black History Month" writing assignment. Complete a short paragraph on the African American you chose for your Kehinde Wiley inspired digital art from last week.

2. Button Creation

Unfortunately, we're unable to shoot outdoors today, so we'll be making a Valentine's Day button.

  • Download the button template from Schoology under the "Button Template" assignment

  • Open in Photoshop

  • Design your button within the red circle

  • You can add text, add a vector, or png.

  • Make it Valentine's Day themed! (School Appropriate!)

  • Use websites like vecteezy, pngaaa, and pngtree if you'd like to add royalty-free designs

  • Flatten and submit by goint to FILE, SAVE A COPY, JPG and submit to Schoology

3. Makeup Work

With the remainder of class, please use your time to check Schoology for any missing assignments.

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