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Feb. 2nd- Gif Creations

1.Logos are due!

If you received notes on your logo, I will need your revision turned in today to Schoology. The assignment is called "Logo Resubmission."

2. Hand Made Stop Motion

You'll choose to create either a hand-drawn photo OR a construction paper-created GIF. (See examples below.) Another option is using candy. These will be due Tuesday, so if you don't finish today- THAT'S Ok! I'd rather you spend time on this and have a quality finished product than rush through it just to get it done.

Post to Schoology AND Padlet.

  1. Come up with a short narrative.

  2. Create or draw the frames for your story.

  3. Take bird's eye view shots of your creation. (No more than 8 photos/frames.)

  4. Apply the same steps we applied in our last GIF assignment found here.

Here are some resources for inspiration:

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