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Feb. 22nd- TV Mode Assessment

2. Element Challenge

Download the element in this assignment in Schoology.

Open it up in Photoshop.

Choose select subject from the contextual task bar.

Invert the selection.

Create a surrounding/environment using generative fill.

Submit to Schoology AND Padlet.

In padlet, make sure to put your name.

Vote for your favorite.

The most votes wins a prize.

All images must be school appropriate.

3. TV MODE Assessment

  1. Grab a partner and one camera.

  2. Turn your dial mode to TV mode.

  3. Set your camera on a tripod. One partner is the photographer, the other uses the glow stick.

  4. Set your shutterspeed to 10second, 8 seconds, 5, seconds, and take a photo on each shutter speed.

  5. On 10 seconds: Write your name in the air with the glow stick.

  6. On 8 seconds: Draw a shape repeatedly

  7. On 5 seconds: Do whatever you'd like

  8. Place your three images in a three frame collage in Canva. Edit in Photoshop if you'd like.

  9. Submit to TV Mode Assessment in Schoology.

3. TV Mode

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