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Feb. 10th &13th

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

1. Spitball

2. Clone Stamp Practice

Download the image in Schoology of the woman jumping.

Use the clone stamp to remove her, leaving only the background. Make her disappear! There is a brief tutorial attached to your assignment in Schoology if you've forgotten how to use the clone stamp.

3. Drop Shadow Practice

Download the three elements in Schoology under this assignment.

Place each item separately on a white canvas and add a drop shadow. Submit those THREE images to Schoology. There is a tutorial in the assignment if you need help.

Please upload your recent edits to (ripped paper effect, outline sketch, mandela, and leading lines project).

5. Paper Airplane Levitation

  • We will watch this video on how to fold a paper airplane.

  • You'll head outside in groups using tripods

  • Choose one subject to model.

  • The rest of the group will be responsible for holding the paper airplane in various positions to look as if they're levitating (flying) around your subject

  • Everyone in your group will edit the pictures together using the masking tool AND the clone stamp.

  • Extra credit if your airplanes AND your subject levitates.

Don't forget to add shadows!

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