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Dec. 6th & 7th- Snowglobe Creation & Multiplicity Reflection

1. Multiplicity Reflection in Kami

Open up the assignment in Kami and complete the reflection. It will be due on Friday along with your project.

2. Multiplicity Presentation Template

Open up the assignment in Kami and complete it. You can read from this template when presenting your project next week.

Reflection Worksheet
Download PDF • 14KB

Download PDF • 16KB

3. Hail Mary

If you have not put together a photo, you can head outside and take the four photos necessary for this project.

4. Snow Globe Creation

If you're done with your multiplicity, go out and take photos of each other to add to the snow globe. Follow the instructions in Schoology.

If you compose a snow globe, use,,, and unsplash to find additional elements of your choice.

5. Multiplicity Projects Are Due FRIDAY!

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