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Dec. 5th- Patterns & Repetition

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Please head to and update it with all of your recent work.

2. Snow Globe/Unshuttered Contest

If you did not complete your snow globe, finish it up and submit it to Schoology. It is due today and locked tonight.

Also, there is a city wide contest I'd like you to enter called Getty Unshuttered. Please submit your best work HERE!

3. Patterns & Repetition/Beginning Photography Final

Your final will be cumulative. You will work in stations, taking images that demonstrate negative space, rule of thirds, birds eye view, dutch angle, framing, texture, filling the frame, and other lessons we've covered this semester. You will not pass the final if you do not attend. It is worth 50 points.

On Thursday we will be taking our final walk of the year to CSUN where we will capture patterns and repetition. This will be your last assignment and must be completed to spec for full points. Please be sure as we walk that you actually shoot what is required of you to get full points for the assignment.

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