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Crooked Taco Notes

7. and 8. This is a great design...keep playing with it to make it easier to read.

*9. I really like this.  Keep going. It may be fine as it is but try one where the surfboard and words are enclosed in a circle of some sort.

*cream green bold- This is really great just lose the est. 2024, try a brighter color than cream and add "Street tacos, burritos and quesadillas"

*crooked- I love this!  Thank you for paying attention to the logos I like and keeping it simple.  Try adding "coffee" under "crooked" but otherwise don't change a thing... (Can you also do one just like this but with "crooked tacos"? 

*crooked+cofee (2)/crooked+taco  - I like this but can you try light blue or pink or yellow or something bright instead of brown?  And no apostrophe in "crooks"

*crooked+tacos- I love this!  add in blue "est" in top left corner and and "2024" in top right. Where month and date normally are

*modern+colorful- This is great but make "a crooks catering creation" smaller than the name of the company and I really like the pink but try with something different than black for the words

*mount copy- This is just weird enough that I kind of love it. Why is the head and mountain top?  Put the title on the shirt or pants.

*rooked +tacos- This is great.  make the wave and palm tree blue and make the wave/"C" a more obvious letter. maybe the wave/C fades from blue to white...

*screenshot+2024- I didn't want tacos but I really like this. Can you use same colors and somehow put "crooked" in one taco and "tacos" in the other while adding "Street tacos, burritos and quesadillas"

*taco logo- This is fun!  can you keep going with it and add "Street tacos, burritos and quesadillas"

*tacos- I LOVE this!  Can you try and do a food trailer as opposed to truck? But colors and everything else are perfect!

*Taco truck logo- This is cool.  Give me brighter colors.  Add quesadillas to list of items. lose the pam trees.  See if there's a drawing of a food trailer as opposed to truck and I think it's "est" not "estd"

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