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August 23rd- Reviewing ISO & Aperture With Staple City

1. Syllabus

If you did not turn in a syllabus, you will not be given a camera today!

2. August 23rd Editing Challenge

Download the elements for this assignment in Schoology.

Make a REALISTIC edit, blend edges, and apply techniques you learned last year.

Submit to Schoology AND PADLET.

3. Staple City

This activity will help you review setting your aperture and ISO in manual mode.

Remember- Your ISO depends on how much light you have outside the camera. The higher you set that number, the more noise you'll have in your image and image quality will suffer.

Aperture determines depth of field and is measured with the fstop number. A SMALL f stop, like 3, will give you a shallow depth of field (blur). A LARGE f stop will give you a deep depth of field (everything will be in focus).

Here's how you'll capture your staple city:

  • Get in pairs

  • Take a group of staples. DO NOT break them into pieces. You may break a few in half if you'd like but NOT into pieces.

  • You SHOULD use the sticky pads to help your "buildings" stand up

  • Choose a piece of card stock if you'd like

  • Collaborate with your partner to set up your staples in a city scape. You will shoot them together but edit your photos separately.

  • You can use a picture on your Chrome book as the background IF YOU'D LIKE

  • You can take a photo of your buildings but digitally add in a sky and scenery

  • You should have a shallow depth of field and show depth by adjusting your aperture

Experiment with lights from your phone to shine on your city, OR use the lighting in the class.

Experiment with twinkle lights.

Experiment with props and editing.

Think outside of the box!

Edit your favorite photo and submit at least ONE WELL EDITED PHOTO to Schoology under the assignment "Staple City."

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